Web of Science™ Profiles

Connect your Web of Science publication data with our best-in-class research metrics of InCites.


Real-time research picture

Disambiguated publications at
the author level

Leading indicators of research impact

Customized Reporting

Manage research output for your departments and maintain a comprehensive view of your faculty Rich profiles give a precise view of publications to assess performance and impact Normalized view of performance makes department-to-department comparisons meaningful Reduce effort in producing reports and generating content with all publications and metrics in one place

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Web of Science Profiles provides a full view of all your scholarly outputs—at the researcher, department and institution level with pre-populated Web of Science publication data.

Clear measurement of impact in the
global research community

Web of Science Data

Disambiguated publications at the author level

Web of Science Data
  • Connect the internal view of all your research
    output — and compare to external global research
  • Understand the drivers behind external benchmark numbers
  • Track a full range of scholarly outputs and tangible contributions in this cloud-based solution
  • Take ownership of Web of Science representation with active and passive feedback loops

Uncover institutional and individual
research strengths

Web of Science Data

Dynamic bibliometric analyses

Web of Science Data

Improve your funding application story

Web of Science Data
  • Accurate indicators to quickly analyze institutional productivity and impact
  • Identify subject-matter experts and
    areas of research excellence
  • Reduce time and effort in extracting
    data and generating reports
  • Access custom and templated reports
    to assess research excellence and
  • With accurate data on publications, citations and other analytics for researchers in one place, quickly generate reports demonstrating the impact of your research for funders