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About InCites

InCites is a customized, web-based research evaluation platform.









Research Organizations

  • Identify and manage research activities and their impact
  • Benchmark and compare performance to peers
  • Promote internal and external partnerships and collaborations
  • Identify experts both inside and outside the organization
  • Promote areas of strength and specializations









Funding and Policy Organizations

  • Identify emerging subject areas, researchers and experts
  • Manage funding activity from submission to progress reports through outcomes
  • Demonstrate results and impact of funding policy
  • Identify new trends and key indicators to enable policy development
  • Increase visibility of successes








  • Uncover new or emerging areas in which to publish
  • Monitor trends within a field or geographic region
  • Identify the best authors and reviewers
  • Maintain competitive advantage by monitoring the competition

Using InCites

Conduct analyses on institutional productivity and benchmark research output against worldwide peers.







  • Evaluate the landscape and inform strategy

  • Look for new opportunities to build relationships with other institutions and organizations
  • Develop custom reports

  • Drill into query results or profile for more information







  • Assemble data into focused reports
  • Use system-generated and custom reports to accelerate results

  • Annotate and share reports

  • Create comparisons to show success and areas for improvement







  • Identify the right collaborations and teams

  • Analyze funding trends to secure more funding

  • Easily record full scope of activities
  • Present accurate and reliable data and metrics for objective review







  • Demonstrate impact of funded projects
  • Research the most impactful areas of discovery
  • Highlight emerging researchers

  • Stay on top of political climate changes

Understanding InCites

InCites is key for making informed business decisions.

“A library faced with collection decisions, a foundation making funding choices, or a government office weighing national research needs must rely on expert analysis of scientific research performance.”



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