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Compare to others in a way that is accurate, reliable and repeatable. Correctly understand your true place in the world through benchmarking, to develop policies and programs that support your strategic objectives.


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Unified data provides a multi-faceted and comprehensive view of research output and impact. Identify new trends, evaluate new and existing collaborations and analyze performance.


At the individual, departmental, institutional and regional level, you have the ability to:


  • Evaluate research strengths and compare to peers
  • Analyze research trends and networks
  • Advise and substantiate research strategy and policy
  • Identify leading-edge research
  • Find experts and collaboration partners


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Web of Science™ Profiles

The full picture of your institution’s research, performance, and faculty activity

By combining multi-dimensional author profiles with our best-in-class research analytics, you’ll get an enhanced understanding of your competencies to inform decision making.


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Helping institutions demonstrate their significance in the global research community:


  • Reduce the administrative burden in managing research and faculty outputs
  • Improve decision making and funding allocations across departments
  • Understand the drivers behind institutional performance by linking external benchmark results to internal strategies.
  • Uncover multi-disciplinary institutional competencies across different fields
  • Reduce effort in producing reports and generating content for a myriad of internal and external reports and assessments
  • Enable researchers to focus more time on research and less on administration
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Journal Citation Reports

Dive deeper to explore, compare and understand the publishing activities that are influencing the direction of research.



Support selection, archive or removal of journals from their collections.


Publishers and Editors

Determine journals’ influence in the marketplace and review editorial functions



Identify the most appropriate, influential journals in which to publish. Collect, validate, present and report on publications. Discover where to find the leading research in your respective field.


Administrators and information analysts

Track publication and citation patterns and trends to aid strategy and policy decisions.

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Essential Science Indicators

Highlight the leading-edge and impactful publications, people, institutions and regions to watch. Benchmark to gain a thorough understanding of influence on both innovative and long-term scholarly trends.

  • Analyze and rank the research performance of people, institutions, regions, and journals.
  • Identify significant trends in the sciences and social sciences.
  • Determine research output and impact in specific fields of research.
  • Evaluate potential employees, collaborators, reviewers, and peers.
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Research Data & Services

Leverage data to inform strategic decisions. Take action with confidence. As the largest provider of intelligent information for research discovery, we help you answer key questions that impact the future of your organization.

Built upon the foundation of the industry’s most trusted data, interpreted by leading subject-matter experts,
we provide high-quality data, customized metrics and analytics and expert analysis and reports to help you
answer even the most unique research challenges, including:


  • Scholarly Metrics & Benchmarking
  • Leading-Edge & Emerging Research
  • Impact Evaluation & Innovation

Custom Data

Starting with, but not limited to, the most trusted source of citation data from the Web of Science and metrics from InCites, our team of skilled experts are equipped to determine the best combination of data, analytics and methodological approaches to address a specific management question. We can build a custom dataset to answer a unique need, then integrate it into your internal systems.

Bibliometric Analysis

Demonstrate your success with objective, third party analysis and recommendations by quantifying your policy, funding, research and publishing activities with objective data and metrics. With our Bibliometric Performance Report, answer key questions like:

  • How much research is taking place?
  • In what fields is research being conducted?
  • Where is your work having the greatest impact?

Impact Evaluation
& Innovation Expertise

There is an increasing need to understand the relationship between scholarly impact and economic and community impact. Our experts provide quantitative analysis and interpretation of data to understand impact beyond bibliometrics and to identify the greatest return on investment opportunities. From regular reports analyzing scholarship trends to custom studies answering your institution’s specific research management questions, we help you turn data into action.


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Support throughout the entire research lifecycle.

Manage research from the initial idea and grant application, through daily management, to post-award results. Converis provides a complete, integrated workflow.

Publications Management

Collect, validate, present and report on publications. Get access to full text with Open Access repository functionality and import data from online data sources in multiple file formats.

Pre-and Post-Award Management

Starting from project ideas to matching funding opportunities, keep projects on track with automatic reminders.

With key information on the project application kept in one place, providing access to all parties supports internal approval workflows. Then, show project success with customized reports and graphs.

Research Portal

Present research information publicly and securely over the web. Provide public users with an overview of your organization’s research, activities, and academic expertise.

Graduate Student Management

Support graduate students from admission through graduation and everything in between—including progress monitoring, specific student reports and more.